09. Disasters

1907-2007: A Century of Natural Disasters

Throughout its history Aldeburgh has fought a desperate battle against the destructive powers of the North Sea. In 1286 there is a record of ‘severe inundation in East Anglia’, and thereafter we hear of floods, storms and high tides with horrible regularity.

Our Pictorial Record begins in 1907

Three mariners awash

In this year the Three Mariners at Slaughden was almost surrounded by water; the sea flowed right through the inn.

Crag Path 1938

Shingle and wreckage litter Crag Path.

High Tide 1947

Fort Green 1949

Fort Green and Mill House in 1949.

The seas washed right over the Green at the height of the tide on this and several other occasions. The anti-tank blocks were left over from World War 2.