A Fantastic Choice of Recreations: Yesterday & Today

Aldborough Described by Rev. J. Ford was Aldeburgh’s first guide book, published in 1819. It reports: ‘Such vast improvements to roads and houses in the past 16 years none would believe, helped by great luxury of superb water supply from the Hill. Vice has not yet erected her standard here, the society of Aldeburgh gay without profligacy, pleasurable without debauchery’.

Victorian holiday 72

The Aldeburgh Beach October 1863

This page from a young visitor’s sketch book depicts a charming¬† holiday group. Here are Lady Wood (seated – very upright) Lady Palmer (with parasole and veil) and the Vice Chancellor (top-hat and holding someone’s kitten on a lead) together with a group of young ladies. All are wrapped up well against the resident Aldeburgh breeze, although one hardy soul, peeping round the side of the bathing machine, has decided to brave the sea.



Cricket match at The Grammar School, Crespigny House, 1864


Taking one's pleasure seriously

Taking one's pleasure seriously

In 1884 James Skelton Anderson, husband of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, inaugurated the Golf Club and was its first Captain. ‘The golf course brought prosperity to the town, but emptied the church pews – they played the game in scarlet coats, deer stalker hats and absurd nether garments’. From “Sophia’s Son” by Dorothy Thompson.

Here are the Lady Members of the Aldeburgh Golf Club dressed to face the camera c1911.


golf ladies sm

Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears brought music to Aldeburgh in the 40s. Here are Noah and all the animals when Noye’s Fludde was performed in Orford Church in 1958 during the fourteenth Aldeburgh Festival

Noye's Flood sm